It Suits Her


Muriel is totally rockin’ the pixie cut she got last week.  She’s been asking for short hair for a while.  Boy short.  “Like Jonah.”  Normally I say “We’ll see”  and she forgets about it for a couple of months before asking again.  But this last time I thought “Why not”?  And so we made an appointment and went to the hairdresser.  I showed the stylist a picture of Emma Watson.  She raised her eyebrows and asked if I was sure.  I wasn’t, but figured it would grow if it was terrible.  The result?  Muriel loves it, I love it, Pat…well, he says it’s growing on him.

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A Tuesday at Golden Gardens

Reed, Niamh, & Verity


Ethan & Eve


Jonah, Niamh, Muriel, Rowan, Corbin


Muriel, Rowan, Jonah, & Niamh

Less than two weeks left of summer vacation.  Where has it gone?  This evening Niamh has her first soccer practice and Muriel is going to a get-to-know-you ice cream social at her new preschool.  We’re trying to cram a lot into these last days of vacation.



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Camping for Twenty-seven in the North Cascades

We spent last week camping in the North Cascades with a group of twenty-seven.  Had so much fun we’re going to do it again next year.  I read somewhere that the North Cascades is the sixth least visited national park in the US.  Put it on your list.  It’s worth it.  Pictures from the weekend on Flickr.


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Alaska, Finally.

Only two months later, I’ve finally gotten some photos from our June trip to Alaska up on Flickr.  Looking back through them I feel like I missed quite a bit.  But it is nice sometimes to put the camera down and just be in the moment.

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Third Annual Enchanted Forest Trip

The day before we visited Mt. St. Helens we took our third annual trip to the Enchanted Forest, just outside of Salem.  This year my little sister’s family was sick, so she sadly couldn’t make it.  We missed them so much!  But our cousin Karen and her sweet kiddos were able to come, which was really nice.  It amazes me how the Enchanted Forest has hardly changed since the 1980s.  The same smell, the same rides, the same hokey fairy tale displays which looked old fashioned even thirty years ago.  And it is still just as fun.  As per usual we arrived at opening and stayed until past closing time (the staff was so nice about our lingering about), but even eight hours seemed too short.

When my cousins, sisters, and I were little we always lined up on a fence, youngest to oldest for a group photo.  The past two years we tried to recreate that picture with our own kids, but it never really worked out.  Hard for the little guys to sit up high on the fence, and someone always ended up with there face in a spot of sun.  This year we crazily broke tradition and had the kids stand in front of the teepee.  Scratch that.  We didn’t break tradition, just started a new one.  More photos on Flickr.

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